About Us

Inspired by Artisans & Nature

Hendrix-7-2infinite Universe started with Karen Hendrix but if you look at her story of this brand, she will point you to the “tribe” of close women friends who encourage her,  the stone cutters in Jaipur, India, the stone cutting capital of the world, who expertly cut each stone, the wood artisan in Florida who cuts and hand finishes each piece and the jeweler in New York City that hand crafts the jewelry pieces.  infinite Universe jewelry is a piece of nature and the positive energy of each artistic hand that has been involved from Karen’s design to the finished piece.

Architectural + Natural

Travel is Karen’s passion, from the exquisite coastlines of the world to the beauty of the Alps, the terraced fields of Bali and the wonders of America’s National Parks, they influenced her love of the forests and the natural wood and stones that are an integral part of her designs.  Her time in the great cities of the world inspired the architectural setting that is a part of every piece of infinite Universe jewelry.  The cut out design is reminiscent of the windows of the world that she has gazed out of and it carries forth the strong and simple geometric shapes that she loves and uses in her designs.  The natural alchemy of her combination of eco-friendly woods, unique stones and an architectural setting create modern jewelry that isn’t just inspired by nature, it is a small piece of nature for every woman who appreciates great craftsmanship and the beauty of our natural environment.

i + U

woodworkingWhile in India, Karen spent time with an amazing family that has become a lasting friendship.  One of the daughters was part of a graphic design team that designed the logo for infinite Universe.  They understood that every dream, design and concept starts from a single point and the universe offers infinite inspiration.  Karen’s former career, as a Vice President for various hospital foundations and her volunteer work became the cornerstone for her belief in a world more centered on “U” than “i”  and that by working together “i + U can change our world” and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

The Power of Travel

Karen grew up in Indiana and then lived in the coastal cities of San Diego, Miami, Charleston and Corpus Christi.  She now lives by the white sands and crystal blue Gulf of Mexico in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband and Great Dane, Buddy.  Her love of the coast influenced her signature collection of Mother of Pearl and Palmwood jewelry. “A feeling of lazy days at the beach sitting under the palm trees is evoked in each piece of jewelry.  I find my soul when I sit by the sea” she says.  Her experience meeting Maori tribal leaders from New Zealand led her to find the richness of Ancient Kauri wood dug from the bogs with pieces carbon dated at over 45,000 years old.  The woods and stones she chooses for her collection are natural and eco-friendly.

The infinite Universe collection launched with handbags in August 2013 and added jewelry in 2015.  The collection is available online and at selected boutiques in the US.

nature collage