infinite Universe is a jewelry brand inspired by nature.
The natural alchemy of nature and contemporary architecture define infinite Universe jewelry.


infinite Universe started with Karen Hendrix, but if you look to her for the story of this brand, the collaborations with other artisans are key. Her tribe of artistic friends who encouraged her, the stone cutters who hand polish and finish each stone, the wood artisans who craft each piece with meticulous care, the woman in India whose personal quest inspired the infinity symbol logo. She’ll point to the dear friend whose passing revealed to Karen that while the universe is infinite, lifetimes are not, and it was time to begin her own creative journey.


Responsible sourcing of natural resources is a fundamental part of infinite Universe. Our Kauri wood was felled thousands of years ago and is dug from the bogs in New Zealand. Respect for our natural resources is a fundamental belief of infinite Universe.  This is a hallmark of our jewelry.


The vision for infinite Universe was shaped by a journey: synchronistic encounters threading from a consultant in New York City to a handbag designer in Florence to a logo artist in India to a woodworker in Karen’s own back yard. All individuals emotionally invested in creating a brand built on craftsmanship, ecology, humanity, interconnectedness.


Beauty surrounds us wherever we are in this Universe. The stones that were created in the earth, the trees that grace the land, the sacred geometry of a beehive, the exquisite colors of flowers and  the colors in our oceans and sky – each of these is inspiration. Merge this natural beauty with contemporary architecture and art and it is inspired.  The natural alchemy of our world is reflected in our jewelry.


Exquisite craftsmanship is integral. Materials alone ensure each item’s exclusivity – every cut of wood has its own grain, every semi-precious stone its own pattern and shades of color making them intrinsically unique. Lovingly and mindfully, the artisans of infinite Universe transform these raw pieces of nature into hand-polished, hand crafted creations that are beautiful and practical while maintaining the spirit of their origins.