Dalmatian Jasper and African Blackwood Large Cuff Bracelet

$ 895.00

African Blackwood with semi-precious Dalmatian Jasper stones crowned with faceted quartz cuff bracelet adorned with White Sapphires



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Sterling silver cuff bracelet with semi-precious Dalmatian Jasper stone triangles crowned in faceted quartz set in African Blackwood with White Sapphires.

  • Dalmatian Jasper
  • African Blackwood
  • Two .09 White Sapphires
  • Sterling Silver
  • Signature Geometric Setting

Natural Elements

Dalmatian Jasper has a white to cream colored background with black and sometimes brown spots that resemble the pattern on a dalmation dog.  Jasper is a form of opaque chalcedony.   It was considered to be a sacred stone by Native Americans and Indians in Asia. Jasper is believed to imbue courage and balance. Dalmation jasper is said to bring a sense of fun and loyalty.  Our stone is crowned with a faceted clear quartz crystal.  Many cultures have used quartz for meditation and healing. 

African Blackwood has an even texture and is almost black in color.  It is native to the dry, savannah areas of Africa, particularly Tanzania and Mozambique.  This resilient timber has been highly prized for centuries, especially by ancient Egyptians and by East African tribes who still create intricate carvings from it.  Our selected wood pieces are router cut, then hand sanded and polished by our master woodcrafters.

White Sapphires are completely colorless sapphires and untouched by trace elements.

Made in the USA – Sourced around the World



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