Obsidian and Buckeye Burlwood Circle Necklace

$ 390.00

Sterling Silver

Signature Geometric Setting

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Golden Sheen Obsidian blends into marbled California Buckeye Burlwood creating a mesmerizing necklace. The signature sterling silver setting is a contemporary geometric cut out.

  • Golden Sheen Obsidian
  • Buckeye Burlwood
  • 30″ Chain
  • 1.4″ diameter
  • Sterling Silver
  • Signature Geometric Setting
  • Artisan Crafted
  • Made in the USA – Sourced around the world

Natural Elements

Golden Sheen Obsidian is a variety of  Obsidian with a golden sheen effect. It is formed in the latest stage of volcanic eruptions.  The stone is thought to alleviate pain, reduce tension and release negative energy.

Buckeye Burlwood ranges in color from light olive to a deep olive.  It is prized for the marbled texture of the wood.



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